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We've been around for a while.

Over the past decade we have sought to improve the evidence base and the quality of approaches to risk reduction education and school safety. Here are just a few of our projects. 

Community-Based School Construction

Risk RED, in partnership with Save the Children-Australia, the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery, UNESCO, and Arup International Development, developed a manual on a community-based approach to building safer schools. The document draws on field experts from around the globe. 

School Safety Assessment Survey
First Step School Assessment App

Risk RED has developed two tablet- and smart-phone based apps as part of the Comprehensive School Safety Assessment Suite. The first tool introduces users to school safety and can be used to build public awareness. Education authorities can review and analyze this crowd sourced results to under stand community perceptions and plan interventions.

Comprehensive School Safety

Risk RED was instrumental in drafting the comprehensive school safety framework, first published as part of a 2008 World Bank- IFC publication on school disaster management. This framework has now become a global lens for evaluating and improving school safety, adopted by U.N. agencies and humanitarian organizations, and the framework guiding the Global Alliance for Disaster Reduction and Resilience in the Education Sector, through the UNISDR

Safer School Construction Videos

Risk RED and Save the Children, and with funding from the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery, has developed a series videos that highlight the stages and steps in community-based safer school construction, showcasing safer school projects from Latin America, West Africa, South and Southeast Asia.  The videos, guidance and case studies support the website.

School Safety Assessment Survey 

Risk RED's second tablet- and smart-phone app provides a low-cost way for school assessors to collect in-depth, non-technical information about school safety and identify school facilities that may need a more thorough assessment.  Education authorities can log into a database to visualize, review and analyze results for intervention planning.

DREAMS -Disaster Reduction Education    e-Learning Management System

Risk RED has worked with the Turkish Ministry of National Education, with support from the American Red Cross and the Bogazici University Disater Preparedness Education Unit, to develop an online training program. The e-learning site teaches school staff about school diaster management, personal preparedness and building safely in disaster-prone areas. Teachers then pass this information to their students and communities.

School Safety Assessment

In 2013, Risk RED worked with UNICEF in the Central Asia and South Caucasus region to review country efforts in Khazahstan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan and Armenia to identify and prioritize weak school buildings for retrofit or reconstruction. 

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